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            Training Trips

            The overriding theme at all alpine and Nordic camps is to work on mastery of technique, tactics and fitness in a deliberate and repetitive way. Our priority is to create an on-snow preparation phase that is appropriate for each level of age and ability.

            Please contact our Alpine Director, Steve Utter (sutter@), or our Nordic Director, Colin Rodgers (crodgers@), for more information.



            Vail, Colorado GS and Free Ski Camp (approximately six days on snow in May)

            We capitalize on the time of year when there is frozen snow training and when athletes’ optimal technical movements from the winter are still fresh.


            Fonna Glacier Camp (eight days on snow in June/July)

            This camp provides general free ski drills and exercises and a slalom and giant slalom gate training progression.

            Wittenburg Slalom Camp (six days on snow in July)

            Staffed by full-time academy coaches, this camp is located at the indoor ski facility in Wittenburg, Germany (near Hamburg). Our Wittenburg camp is designed for technically proficient and physically strong and endurant U19 and U16 athletes who have already been on snow during the spring prep phase.  The Wittenburg facility offers SL training on World Cup-type injection.

            Valle Nevado (12-15 days on snow in September)

            All ages and abilities are welcome at this camp.  We will work on fundamentals, introduction to gate training, gate training, and speed elements—all depending on age, prior summer skiing progression and individual needs.

            Colorado (8-12 days on snow in November)

            The objective of the Colorado camp is to give our FIS athletes a high-level, pre-competition gate training experience and a gate-intensive block too for the U16s.  The U14 ski camp in Colorado in November is directed toward building the athletes’ technical free skiing base (for those who have not had much, if any, previous ski camp time in the prep period), or to offer a gate training camp (for those who have had previous summer camp training in the prep period.)



            Mals and Stelvio Pass, Italy (2 weeks in September) 

            We are fortunate to travel to Italy every September and train alongside one of the world's top winter sports academies, Die Sportoberschule- Mals, in one of the world's best fall training locations- Sud Tirol. Here we split time between on snow glacier skiing at the top of Stelvio Pass and dry-land training in the picturesque alpine valleys surrounding Mals.    

            Western Altitude Camp- Sun Valley, ID and West Yellowstone, MT (2-3 weeks in November) 

            This camp provides valuable ski specific altitude training in and around two of America's iconic XC training venues. The camp includes both dryland and on snow opportunities during the fall transition to skiing.       

            VT XC Summer Dryland Camp at the Green Mountain Valley School (1 week in August)

            A focused dryland training experience that brings athletes from around the country五福彩票计划软件 to train beside GMVS skiers in our 五福彩票计划软件 environment. We focus on video technique analysis, time trial testing efforts, head to head high speed sprint training, strength and plyometric work at the Racing Performance Center on campus, and over distance work outs on the Long Trail.