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            Come Visit Us

            A day on campus is the only way to gain a true understanding of what makes the GMVS experience unlike any other.


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            Arrange Your Visit
            To schedule your official visit to campus, please call Cindy Mumford, Director of Admissions at 802-583-1716 or email at cmumford@.     
            Of course the best time of year to visit is in winter so that you have an opportunity to see what it’s like to train with our teams in addition to touring campus, meeting with teachers and visiting classes. Because of the high demand for winter visit slots, many days fill up completely; so we encourage you to visit soon. 

            What to Expect

            Team Training

            This is where families and prospective students split up for part of the day. Students meet up with coaches and teams to get a real-life sampling of what it means to be a skier at GMVS. 
            The first stop is to meet with your prospective team, either at the the Kelly Brush Race Arena at Sugarbush Resort if you’re an alpine racer, or travel with the Nordic team to train at one of the nearby ski centers - Middlebury College’s Rikert Nordic Center, the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, or Ole’s Cross Country Center in Warren. 

            Coffee with Parents and/or Explore the Valley

            While prospective students are training, families have the option to meet with one or more current parents. This is a great opportunity to hear another family’s perspective on GMVS and what it means to become part of our great community. Usually this meeting occurs over coffee at one of the great cafes in Waitsfield. From there, families have time to explore the Mad River Valley before coming back to campus for lunch.


            The unedited version of GMVS where everyone gathers as a community to share a meal with Admissions and other GMVS staff. Rest assured a table of students, teachers and coaches will welcome you and insist that you join them.

            The Tour

            Visiting families tour our campus with a student guide who will introduce them to the classrooms, training facilities, dorms, arts studio, and fields that we call 五福彩票计划软件. This is also a great chance for students and families to ask our student tour guides why they chose GMVS, and what’s it like to be a student here.

            Academic Director Q&A

            Next up is a meeting with Kerry Jackson, Academic Director and Interim Associate Head of School. Kerry makes it a priority to get to know all GMVS students on an individual basis and assess your academic background.

            Ski Program Director Q&A

            The beauty of a small school like GMVS is that our school leadership is committed to meeting with prospective students. After the tour, families meet with either Steve Utter, Alpine Program Director, or Colin Rodgers, Nordic Program Director. This is a great opportunity to ask about coaching, conditioning, facilities and training trips (Valle Nevado, Mals Italy, Colorado, West Yellowstone [links to info]).

            Head of School Q&A

            Tracy Keller, Head of School, makes a point to check in with all prospective students and parents. Typically Tracy will meet with students individually and then bring families into the conversation. This is a final opportunity to ask questions about academics, student life, or really anything else about GMVS.