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            College Advising

            At GMVS, we work with the students to help ensure they have the best possible college options once they graduateOur goal is that each student, regardless of his or her skiing ability, has the option of attending a school which is right for him or her upon graduation.


            To do this, we focus on three major areas: the college search, test preparation and applications. To achieve this goal, we work closely with the students and parents. We offer a series of seminars for the parents and students in which we outline the various aspects of the college application process. We offer a SAT preparation class for the juniors which has yielded excellent results. We invite admissions personnel from colleges to the GMVS campus, and we help arrange meetings with college coaches as well.


            "The GMVS alumni I have had in class at Dartmouth have been very engaged and active learners. Not only are they very bright, but also very committed to their studies."
            - Professor Emeritus Joan K. Campbell, Dartmouth College

            We also offer workshops on essay writing and applications. We have established long-standing relationships with many colleges, and we continue to develop new ones. It is our belief that colleges know what kind of student they are getting when they accept a GMVS senior, and they are eager to see future GMVS students apply. We are very proud our alumni have prospered at the " skiing colleges”, as well as at colleges without skiing or with developing ski programs. There are many schools that will be excellent choices for our students, and we work to broaden our students' focus and prepare them for this important process. 

            GMVS College Acceptances 2012-2016

            Alfred University

            American University

            Babson College

            Bates College

            Bennington College   

            Berklee College of Music

            Bishop’s University   

            Boston College 

            Boston University

            Bucknell University 

            Castleton University

            Champlain College

            Chapman University 

            Clark University     

            Clarkson University

            Colorado Mesa University

            Colby College

            Colby-Sawyer College 

            Colgate University

            College of Charleston   

            College of Idaho             

            Connecticut College

            Cornell University   

            Dalhousie University  

            Dartmouth College               

            Drexel University

            Emerson College

            Fordham University        

            George Washington University

            Gettysburg College

            Hamilton College 

            Hampshire College

            Harvard College

            Hobart & William Smith College

            Ithaca College

            Lafayette College  

            Lasell College

            Lesley University   

            Marquette University       

            McGill University

            Middlebury College  

            Montana State University    

            New York University  

            Northeastern University 

            Queen’s University 

            Plymouth State University

            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  

            St. Lawrence University   

            St. Louis University                       

            St. Michael’s College

            Santa Clara University             

            Savannah College of Art & Design

            Skidmore College                     

            Smith College                      

            Stetson University

            Syracuse University

            Université de Montréal

            University of Michigan

            University of Denver

            University of Connecticut

            University of Maine           

            University of Massachusetts 

            University of New Hampshire

            University of Pennsylvania  

            University of Rochester

            University of Southern Maine

            University of Vermont

            University of Washington 

            University of Western Ontario

            United States Air Force Academy

            Villanova University 

            Washington University (Mo.)

            Wesleyan University 

            Whitman College  

            Williams College